Endodontics from ancient Greek means science about the inside of tooth, root canal treatment.

The main purpose of endodontics treatment is to eliminate microorganisms from a root canal system and to protect tooth and surrounding tissues from infection. In order to achieve this goal, the canal should be cleaned and the tooth should be sealed. We are using modern ways of treatment and modern materials to treat root canals.


There are two types of Endodontics:

  1. Chemomechanical cleaning of root canal. In this procedure we use medical instruments with antiseptic features to wash canals.
  2. Root canal sealing. At this stage, we use sealing material sealer which has anti-microbial properties and is designed for medical sealing.


download-261x122In root canal treatment we commonly use microscope, because sometimes it is impossible to carry out procedures properly without image enlargement with a device. In modern odontology the microscope is not a luxury anymore, it is a must have instrument. With a microscope we can see things invisible to a naked eye: narrow root canal entrance, additional canals, tooth root cracks, changes due to age or calcified canals caused by trauma.

Magnifying lens in medicine has been used for a long time. First magnifying lens in literature was mentioned in 1300, but the prototype of a modern microscope is considered to be a microscope designed by three scientists (Carl Zeiss, Otto Schott and Ernst Abbe) in 19th century. odontologijos_klinika1001-174x261

In 1978, there were some attempts to use microscopes in odontology, but only in 1995 they were started to being used more widely as first microscopes with largely improved lightening, visibility and ergonomics were designed.

In endodontics with the help of microscope we can find longitudinal fractures, additional and calcified canals and canal entrances covered by tartar. We can diagnose and treat perforations more efficiently, to remove separated instruments from canal, to retreat canals by removing old seal with special ultrasound instruments.

Modern endodontic treatment is relatively expensive owing to the use of expensive technology and materials necessary for carrying out this procedure.

Doctors should devote more time, to be more concentrated and qualified in order to apply endodontic treatment. In order to treat some difficult cases patients should come several time.

So if people want to avoid root canal treatment they must comply with the personal and professional preventive oral hygiene and to visit dentist and dental hygienist at least once a year.

It is necessary to treat decay damages and to replace low quality dental restorations.

More information: https://www.endodontija.com/