Everybody knows what is bleeding gum, but does everybody understands that it is a disease, which if untreated results in teeth loss? Every human being seeks to keep his or her teeth healthy as long as possible and one of the conditions to keep them healthy is professional oral hygiene.

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Why professional oral hygiene is so important?

Tooth brushing with toothbrushes, toothpastes and floss is a part on individual hygiene that is performed by a person itself, but a person cannot remove tartar. Tartar is a perfect place to accumulate toxins, bacteria and acids which negatively affects teeth, gum and periodontal tissues. In a time, without removing soft plaque it mineralizes and becomes teeth tartar. Mineralized and non-mineralized plaque is removed by performing professional oral hygiene procedures. It is recommended to perform this procedure regularly and preventively once a year or more often (depending on intensity of tartar forming and complexity of a problem).

Due to poor oral hygiene there is a huge risk not only to get gum diseases, but other serious diseases. A person becomes less resistant to various infections. Insufficient oral hygiene influences heart, lungs and kidneys functions as well as joints and embryos.

Everybody knows that healthy smile is one of the basis of self-confidence. Bad oral hygiene and non-aesthetically looking (yellow teeth, pigment plaque accumulations on the surface of the tooth or darker interdental spaces), treatment requiring teeth have a huge impact on person’s psychological state. Teeth not only performs a very important functions, but also represent you to others. So it is a very important part of our image.

Professional oral hygiene procedure:              1111

  • Before the procedure the patient is introduced with his or her oral condition, individual and professional dental hygiene procedures and their importance.
  • Ultrasonic scaler and manual instruments are used to remove tartar as well as pigment and soft plaque.
  • “Air Flow” sandblast by using pearls garden is used to remove tobacco, tea and coffee plaque.
  • Finally, teeth are polished with pastes with different abrasive level. It is performed in order teeth surface would become plain and shiny. This procedure is the last of the overall oral hygiene procedure.
  • After the procedure patient is introduced with oral hygiene. Depending on patient’s oral condition, oral hygienic products are chosen: toothbrush, interdental brush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss. The specialist also provides answers to patient questions.

Professional oral hygiene usually is performed during 1 or 2 (depending on situation, may need more) visits. One visit lasts for 60 min.

In our clinic professional oral hygiene procedures are performed by:

  • Dental hygienist Diana Stonkutė
  • Dental hygienist Ramunė Kasparavičė

Most unusual, but most memorable our patients’ outgivings after the procedure:

  • “My mouth is celebrating the spring”
  • “I feel so free in my mouth!”
  • “I don’t understand why I was waiting so long… Why I did not have this procedure before”.


Prepared by dental hygienist Diana Stonkutė