It is false to believe that misalignment between the teeth of the two dental arches is only an aesthetical problem. Untreated malocclusion can have serious consequences: due to permanent load jaw joints are affected and it causes chewing problems, gnawing, jaw crackles and even pain. In a time, discomfort increases, chewing function becomes severely violated, teeth are wearing and worn down faster. In more severe cases, can occur pain in a nape and neck, especially headache. Malocclusion can cause changes in facial asymmetry and postural disorders. Specialist can spot malocclusion with a glimpse.
The cause of malocclusion may be genetic or it can form during childhood. Up to 40 % cases malocclusion forms due to improper deciduous teeth care and (according to latest studies) due to children habit to suck something (for example, a thumb). Children’s improper breathing through mouth when jaw is forming also has a huge influence.57

Malocclusion changes person’s profile, influences his or her attractiveness, facial mimics and suggestibility. The most common reason patients visit a dentist is that their crooked teeth look unattractive, but in most cases malocclusion signalizes about pathological changes.

In most cases malocclusion affects the way a person is talking because he or she has difficulties in talking clearly, so social life of a person with malocclusion is also interrupted. Malocclusion also negatively affect respiratory function: pauses in breathing during sleep, that lasts longer than 10 seconds. Malocclusion has influence to jaw joints, they worn out more rapidly, can start to crackle, be painful and in long run person faces difficulties when he or she tries to mouth widely. Besides what was told, malocclusion has influence in facial and body look. The facial profile may look too concave or convex, facial features looks disproportionate. If lower jaw is more backwards, the body looks like tilting forward, if jaw is more towards, the position of body also changes – person looks like he or she is reclined. So malocclusion can start body pains, because bite and body position is closely related.

Prepared by dental hygienist Diana Stonkutė