We all live active lives full of different experiences, including stress. During their sleep people try to get rid of the stress experienced during the day. Some of them is getting rid of it by grinding their teeth.

Malocclusion and negative consequences

It is false to believe that misalignment between the teeth of the two dental arches is only an aesthetical problem. Untreated malocclusion can have serious consequences: due to permanent load jaw joints are affected and it causes chewing problems, gnawing, jaw crackles and even pain. In a time, discomfort increases, chewing function becomes severely violated, teeth are wearing and worn down faster. In more severe cases, can occur pain in a nape and neck, especially headache. Malocclusion can cause changes in facial asymmetry and postural disorders. Specialist can spot malocclusion with a glimpse.

STRAUMANN dental implants, their advantages and opportunities

The name of STRAUMANN means the quality standard of modern implant dentistry. The exclusive focus on medical science, constant development of technologies as well as wide assortment and flexibles prices are the conditions for STRAUMANN implants being the most popular implants in the world today.

The importance of professional oral hygiene

Everybody knows what is bleeding gum, but does everybody understands that it is a disease, which if untreated results in teeth loss? Every human being seeks to keep his or her teeth healthy as long as possible and one of the conditions to keep them healthy is professional oral hygiene.

Dental implants and dental bridges

Dental bridges are used in teeth restoration procedures in order restore missing teeth. Noticed that this procedure is not suitable to all people. Two or more teeth can be restored.