Aesthetical sealing is a minimally invasive method, which is used to restore fractured teeth and teeth affected by caries, also if a patient wants to correct his or her teeth form, to full interdental spaces or to change old, discolored sealant which stands out from natural tooth tissue color.

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By aesthetic sealing tooth is restored layer by layer by retaining natural tooth anatomy as more as possible. In such a way natural tooth look is restored: its color, transparency, form, individual tooth features. Furthermore, by using this method natural tooth tissues are protected.

Professional aesthetically sealed teeth care

After 6 – 12 months after the procedure it is recommended to perform professional oral hygiene procedure. It is very important to properly care of teeth and gum. You should follow ordinary hygiene rules: to use soft toothbrush, toothpaste without abrasive substances and clean interdental spaces (with floss or interdental brush).