The name of STRAUMANN means the quality standard of modern implant dentistry. The exclusive focus on medical science, constant development of technologies as well as wide assortment and flexibles prices are the conditions for STRAUMANN implants being the most popular implants in the world today.


STRAUMANN is the pioneer of implant dentistry who screwed his first implant 40 years ago, that is, even 10 years early before the International Dentist Community titanium dental implants recognized as standard treatment procedure

Today STRAUMANN is the worldwide leader in manufacturing dental implants, prosthesis parts and regenerative materials. The main STRAUMANN seat is Basel, Switzerland. Through its agencies and distribution network STRAUMANN products are available to citizens of 70 countries.

In Lithuania STRAUMANN products have been used from 2007

STRAUMANN implants – Swiss quality for life!

  • Affordable price and wide assortment. The dentist will always choose STRAUMANN solution implantas-ledkalnis(PICTURE) according to your health and finances.
  • Lifelong warranty. In need, you will get free emergency assistance in 70 countries.
  • The highest healing rates, up to 98 – 100 %.
  • At least 2-time longer service life compared with implants from other manufacturers.
  • Swiss quality. All STRAUMANN implants and prosthesis parts are being manufactured in a modern factory in Switzerland.

Main STRAUMAMM advantages:

  1. All STRAUMANN implants have a lifelong international warranty. In need, emergency assistance of the highest quality will be provided in 70 countries around the world. ATTENTION! The warranty will expire if for prosthesis procedure you will choose unoriginal parts.
  2. STRAUMANN implants are recognized as one of the best healing implants in the world. Researches confirm that STRAUMANN implants healing rate is up to 98 – 100%.
  3. Compared with other dental implants, probability that STRAUMANN implants will perfectly serve for long years is higher from to 2 to 60 times (depending on manufacturer).
  4. Whatever the condition of the jaw, wide STRAUMANN implants and prosthesis parts assortment will allow the dentist to choose the solution that will work best for you specifically.
  5. Some STRAUMANN implants, prosthesis parts or other products are introduced to market only after important at least 5 years long clinical trials. Comprehensive researches is the basis for optimal STRAUMANN solutions in creating implants forms, screws, surfaces or joints with prosthetic supports.
  6. For patient who desire exceptional aesthetics, STRAUMANN implants supports may be manufactured in STRAUMANN factory following individual orders.
  7. All and without exceptions STRAUMANN implants and prosthetic parts are manufactured in Switzerland – in a modern factory with the most innovative technologies and exceptional quality management system.

Therefore, with straumann implants you can do more, because:

  • STRAUMANN mean quality. The manufacturing process has quality management system of the highest quality. Every single manufacturing stage is carefully checked – from initial materials to prepared product. It guarantees that patient will have an implant of the highest quality.
  • STRAUMANN is the strategic ITI partner. International Dentist Community is an independent and the largest academic organization, which specializes in implant dentistry and tissue regeneration. More than 15000 dentists from around the world belong to the organization. ITI collaborates with more than 150 best universities and dentistry schools. So it provides more opportunities to perform clinical trials and, in turn, to improve dental implants.
  • STRAUMANN invest in science. STRAUMANN is the most investing in researches related to dental implants company in the world. Most of STRAUMANN company patented findings became a real revolution in implants manufacturing technologies. Implant surface processing method SLA allowed to significantly improve implant healing. Thanks to SLAactive technology healing time reduced doubly and healing rate reached almost 100 percent. Roxolid – titanium and zirconium alloy made implants 30% stronger, therefore the treatment is less invasive. Thanks to STRAUMANN technologies implant dentistry became easier.
  • A definite leader in the world. STRAUMANN means the quality in modern implant dentistry. Due to exceptional focus on science, studies, technologies and due to wide assortment and flexible prices today STRAUMANN dental implants are the number one in the world.

Every third threaded dental implant in our country in from the Swiss manufacturer!!!